'More' label doesn't auto-open with drag and drop

When I try to drag a message over the ‘More’ label to move the message to a sub folder I get a circle/slash icon. I then have to click ‘More’ to open the sub-folders so that I can move the message.

If the ‘More’ label is going to act like a folder, then it should auto-open with drag and drop.

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Not sure what makes you think it is “acting like a folder”, but… right-click the message and choose “move to…” or “copy to…” and choose away or setup rule(s)

It’s acting like a folder because it has folders underneath. Thanks for your suggestions, but the first requires a lot more actions than just dragging the message. And I shouldn’t need to set up a rule to move one message.

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Interesting logic…

There’s a lot of things we “shouldn’t have to do” but then there is doing what makes us happy/satisfied. :wink: :grinning:

What would make me satisfied is the featured working in a logical manner. Thanks for your comments, but I would prefer to hear from the developers on this.

Then send to them directly… they don’t appear in this forum… BYE

From the eM Client support page:

Free Version users
Community Support
For customers with the free license, we offer Community Support with the assistance of our experts.
This modern support engine is based on the popular Discourse.org engine, and our Support Engineers regularly monitor the forums.


How’s that working for you?

I hope it is…


If it helps in terms of workflow…

For folders to which you frequently move items, you can change their properties from ‘Hide’ to ‘Show’ with a right-click. (In v7 all folders were set to ‘Show’ by default - I never knew the ‘More’ grouping existed - whereas in v8 they are all set to ‘Hide’ by default and hence nested under ‘More’.) When it is set to ‘Show’ a folder is permanently visible.

I found a happy medium by having those folders to which I frequently file set to ‘Show’ and those I access infrequently set to ‘Hide’ and thus collapsed under ‘More’. This helps minimise clutter.

@sunriseal - having only recently joined but having spent days ploughing through the archives searching in vain for enlightenment on some of v8’s “features”… no, I haven’t seen an employee around here for some time… :rofl:

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Exactly… in my case I have set the “show”/“hide”/“Show if unread” to “show if unread” thus keeping things uncluttered and at the same time allowing me to address the unread. I use the “rules” liberally to handle disbursement to folders and thus having to move inbound messages manually other than occasionally. When needed, a right-click and “Move to folder” suffices.

All a matter of choice…

I am sure you noticed the rather large number of issues with v8 being reported in here. I am sure “employees” have their hands full with PRO user’s support tickets, thus keeping them out of this forum (regardless of what their ‘charter’ states about “our Support Engineers regularly monitor the forums.” :wink:

DavidF, thanks for giving me a useful suggestion.

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I agree with kurtgs, this is a fairly standard feature across most email apps, including the free windows mail one. It would be very useful and I have asked emclient to look into it.

"Interesting logic…

There’s a lot of things we “shouldn’t have to do” but then there is doing what makes us happy/satisfied."

Given its an industry-standard it’s not “interesting logic” is “plain logic”.