More effective junk control planned for V. 6?

I’ve recently moved everything over to eM Client and I want to strongly support it going forward, but I’m wondering if you’ve any plans to add any real junk control mechanisms to it. My important accounts are POP accounts. Though my network is capable of SPAM detection/deletion at the server level, I can’t trust it, particularly since I receive mail in Japanese, and that is often misinterpreted as junk. As a result I download everything to my computer and have to sort it there for 100% accuracy. The present system, which doesn’t seem to learn any patterns, isn’t really feasible. I spend too much time sorting. In fact, I run a 20 year old (!) version of Eudora in the background to siphon-off some of the junk because it has a fantastic, built-in SPAM detection system. Any plans to step up activity on this in version 6? Thanks!


Unfortunately we do not plan to do anything about this, you can use rules to sort emails into folder or you can add email addresses to black list, rest is needed to be done on server.
To be honest spam filer is always best to be done on server as it has much more capabilities to sort it right before your emails are synchronized into your client.

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As I say, I use POP accounts. If I must monitor the SPAM filtering, as I must for the reasons I mentioned, I would prefer to do it on my computer rather than have to access a remote server to do it. Simply more convenient.

Rules can only do so much. You can’t establish rules about things you haven’t yet seen. How can I predict how SPAM will identify itself, especially when it’s trying to escape identity?

In lieu of this, are there add-ins that your group has found work better than others with the application?