More advanced rules than "on receive" and "on send"

Why it is not possible to set a archive timespan to every folder? I have some different mail folder which are more important than others, but i can only select on archive date for it. It is not possible to create a new filter/rule to say “remove mails in folder xy after x days” or archive them. No actions on already received mails are possible. Some more options would be great to get a cleaner mail system.

Hi Stefan, while using the automatic archive tools, you can only select to archive Inbox, Inbox including subfolders or All folder, we’ll consider adding more options to this feature, however note that by using the archive tool you’re removing the messages from the server and thus having them on your computer only, which may be convenient when you have a limited space on your server, but with most common mail services you’re losing the safety of having all your email available on the server.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider it for future releases.


Second that: being able to apply rules to already received messages (e.g. “older than x days” plus any other condition) would be VERY helpful !

That’s right.
I am the same oppinion than Ulf Morys.