Month View Calendar W/ Multiple Events Per Day

Calendar only shows (1) event on the month view and an arrow if there are more for the same day; even though there is room in the size grid to display additional events. Is there a way to adjust it to be able to view more events? I have enlarged the window which expands the month view grid allowing it plenty of room for more events per day, but it still only shows an arrow.

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I am sorry but it is not possible at the moment. The room at the bottom is reserved for weather icons.

Love eM Client but hates the calendar view. Would you consider making a multi-week view like Thunderbird (lightning) were you can choose 2 or 3 weeks?

In fact, you can select multiple weeks in the minicalendar in the left pane.

I agree that I’d like a way to cram more events per day into the month view. If I go to full screen, I can get two per day. Weather is an exceedingly cool feature, but I’d give it up for more events. I’d also give up some space at the top, sides…

We will change it in one of the next updates.

Hi George,

in the latest update of em client it is still not possible to visualize multiple events per day in month view, which is not very practical. Any chance this could be made possible soon? I think more users would find this useful.


Andrea - you are commenting on a post made in 2013 :slight_smile:

I have a feature request open for this in Version 8 but to date only one person has like the request and no-one from em-client has even bothered to asknowlege my feature request. It is here:

You might want to have a read and maybe clicking the heart on that request (liking it) and also adding your own comments about the sub-standard calendar in that feature request post (as would a few other people if they don’t like the new V8 calendar).

The more people that "like " the request and comment/ add to the request for calendar visual changes (in my mind) the more chance that the developers might actually listen and respond to it for Version 8 (V8). At this point it feels a little like I am “whistling in the wind” or a phrase of similar meaning involving a yellow liquid spashing back into my face.


Customization of the Calendar views, particularly the Month view, is long overdue.

I’d like to be able to select the number of weeks shown in my Month view, and also see better use of space being made with more Events shown either statically for each day of the month, or dynamically, when each day of the month is clicked upon.

Can anyone please provide an update if either of these features will be included soon?

I replied to your other post with the same question.