Modifying Accounts

I have an authorization code so I should be able to have more than two accounts. Accounts were imported from Thunderbird. Need to add SMTP to the accounts so I can email from all accounts rather than just the two that were authorized in the free version

You get free and pro version of license (auth.) codes. If you didn’t pay for a pro license, you’ll be restricted with two account. With that two account, both will allow you to set a SMTP server. Unless you want to setup additional account with just a SMTP server for sending.

I have purchased the pro account, I had issues getting all accounts imported into em Client so went back to Thunderbird. Tried again this week. Import worked but now I have this SMTP issue. I have added the pro account auth code, still will not let me edit the accounts to add smtp. Can not seem to get any response out of tech support. This can not be that big a deal.

Thinking I will uninstall and reinstall using the pro auth code

But thanks for you help.

To need to reinstall. On the menu -> Help -> License -> Deactivate. Simply un-do your registration and make sure using your Pro license again.

Out of interest, does eM show any error message when you trying to add a new account?

I did a license request and am using one of those, I am assuming that it is the pro license.

It appears that I am using the license that was issued on the date I bought the pro version. I have 5 accounts set up that I can receive mail from, I can just only send from two – trying to figure out how to add smtp to the other accounts. Do you know if that is possible?

At the menu -> Help -> License -> License type, this will indicate if it the free or the pro.

SMTP server setting can be done at Tools -> Account -> (account you want to set) -> SMTP.

Since you didn’t mention at which version you bought the pro license, this may affect the account restriction as well. For example, if you bought your Pro license at version 3, and have purchase it for more than a year, you can only use version 3.0.x and it variant. Or maybe the 3.5 (if it under 1 year period which you’re legible for a free upgrade). Information on this can be managed here:

If you need to upgrade the license:

My License Type is “Normal” I assume that means pro

I only have the SMTP option on two of the accounts, it does not appear that there is anyway to add/edit accounts

I purchased 3.0 mid September 2011, so I am still good for upgrades

I do not have username and password for the licensing site, does not appear that there is any way to retrieve. I was sent receipts, etc during the problems I was having getting 3.0 to import properly. Do you know where beta 4.0 is, perhaps I could try that one

Thank you so much for your assistance…

Found 4.0 Beta, thanks, downloaded, no luck. Still no way to add SMTP to an existing account that does not have that tab. Hate to have to start over, but may have to

Can not believe that it has been four days, and only the initial “no help” response from the comment

I can confirm this problem. I had to restart. Bad design.