Mistakenly cancelled initial setup wizard.

Initial setup wizard for Outlook integration. I made a big mistake in cancelling the initial setup for accounts as it was taking forever. Now, I can no longer find the wizard to do the initial setup.

We use Exchange server and Outlook and I was hoping to have Em Client replace my Outlook. How do I go through the account setup or wizard again? Under new account, there is not an option for Exchange.

Try using file -> import. Then select import from outlook (not outlook express) and you should be back in the wizard…

Unfortunately, that will allow me to import data. However, it doesn’t (I don’t think) allow me to set up an “account”. I need to use Exchange server and I don’t believe this suggestion will set up the software to connect to my Exchange server.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

for setting up an account go to menu Tools->Accounts and click New account. The Account Wizard will appear.

@kendall: Well, actually that imports data and all the accounts settings (without passwords). It’s the same as the initial wizard - try it and see what happens, maybe it will help. But, if I understand eM correctly, it does not have direct support of exchange protocol at the moment.

You can wait and see http://www.sync2em.com which could (?) allow you to connect your sync2em to exchange server and maybe that will work out as proxy.

If you have some power over the IT department (or you are physically from IT department) you can also set-up this server: http://davmail.sourceforge.net/ - result would be having DavMail server against which you would sync your eM Client, iPhone, BlackBerry etc. and the DavMail will populate all the changes into exchange server and vice versa.

Actually, this does not work. Automatic detection by putting in my email address does not auto-detect my Exchange server settings. And, the other 2 options do not offer the option of selected Exchange server.

Well, based upon these two statements from the website:

“Optimized for any server
eM Client is optimized to fully interact with any mail server on the market, ensuring easy setup and seamless synchronization of all data.”


“Advanced import from MS Outlook (accounts, emails, events, tasks, contacts, distribution lists)”

I assumed that I could use this program to replace my Outlook at work (that is on an Exchange server). If that is not possible, it would be nice if that was clearly indicated.

Hello, it’s a true that Exchange protocol is not supported at the moment. We are currently working hard on its implementation, but it will not be available earlier than in several months. Exchange protocol documentation has been made public recently. Before this event, the only way how to implement support for Exchange protocol was to reverse engineer code and protocol manually.

And the term “any mail server on the market” is quite correct, because standard email protcols are IMAP and POP3 and even Exchange supports them, so you can synchronize mails with these standard protocols.