Missing specific emails

Hi guys,
I have been using free version for quite a long time. I have a problem with missing emails. Right now I have a situation that I got a popup of received email but I can find it only thru search option. I checked all folders including spam - no email. This is not a first time when I do not see specific emails whereas other clients for example webmail or mobile clients have no problems.
Conversation and group emails is switched off in options.

Once you have found the message by searching, right-click on the header section (see 1 below) and choose Properties. That will tell you where the message is.

Maybe we can work out how it got there.

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No such thing like properties under right click. I have similar list (not the same but properties is missing)

You need to right-click where I indicated in the screen-shot. So go to the preview window where you see the email. Right-click just to the right of the From/To names.

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I got it and feel ashamed. Problem was that few days ago I changed sorting by attachment. All the emails with attachment were displayed at the bottom of the email list as the oldest ones.
Problem solved, topic closed. Thank you.

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So happy that worked out for you. :upside_down_face: