Missing SPAM button

Give me a SPAM button for one-click predefined custom “treatment” of individual messages a’ la Thunderbird, please!

We will implement it as soon as possible, so stay tuned…


do you think that this option will be available in the 2.6 version ?

Yes, in fact it is already there in our internal builds.

Can I get this beta, even if time-limited? If done right this feature alone could trigger my purchase…

So what’s GOING ON? It’s been a MONTH now, how long should we “stay tuned” especially when it was already in beta 24 days ago…?

I’m pretty sure they’ve said they’re planning a release for mid-March i.e. probably the end of next week.

That’s TWO MONTHS - way too slow for the future.

Hello, v. 2.6 (with spam button and tons of other improvements) is scheduled to the beginning of the next week. There are many improvements in upcoming version so we needed to handle many issues.


Any chance to get an ‘early’ v2.6 this week…? :slight_smile:

Well, I think it is not a good idea right now :slight_smile:

SO… it’s WEdnesday… what’s up with v2.6?

We are very near to update :-), however there were some issues…

Presumably they found a show-stopper bug or something. I’m sure it’ll be along as soon as it’s ready.


Well, Friday is almost over… so is the week…

Wow, you should really calm down and be patient. If you want it any faster, how about coding your own email client instead of complaining every single day?

Do you have no understanding of how much work it takes to code and develop software and rid it of bugs before public release? I’m guessing that you don’t.

I am calm and more than patient - if someone does not know something then he should not promise anything.
If you don’t like my posts how about keeping your mouth shut and not reading them instead of posting stupid replies?
I perfectly know how much work goes into this hence my responses.

You are correct, things didn’t went how we expected. The release has been posponed. If you are still interested, here is the link for 2.6 RC: http://emclient.com/dist/v2.5.6976/se…
Official update will be released next week.