Missing recent email


I have just installed eM Client.  All went very smoothly and it seems to be working fine using my existing Gmail account - I can send and receive, view folder contents, etc.  Everything seems to be nicely synced, so the emails I see in eM Client match what I see in my Gmail app on my Android phone and via the Gmail web client on my PC, going back a few years.

EXCEPT… All my emails since 4th April this year are not visible in eM Client, even though they are via the other facilities I mentioned.  They don’t import from the server when eM Client syncs - this affects both Sent and Received emails. There’s nothing in Junk E-mail either, Archiving is off, and I can’t see them hidden anywhere else.  Curious, too, that’s it’s recent emails that aren’t syncing, rather than older ones.  It’s not as if I have enormous mail volume either - only a few hundred emails in total, across all folders.

Apart from this, I really like what I’ve seen of eM Client so far.  I hope you can give me some pointers to fixing this, as I’m keen to use this.

Thank you.