missing POP or local folder?


I attempted to set up two POP3 accounts on my eM today, and I am receiving my mail, If I have understood correctly, the POP3 option should be cleaning the mail from my server, and I should have a separate folder tree for each account. However, neither of my mail accounts are clearing from the server, and I have only one of the two accounts showing up to the right. Both however both show up in the global folder tree. I checked my account settings and both accounts are set up as POP3 accounts.

Have I done something wrong? How can I fix this?



usualy when you create POP account first time, it is saving all messages to Local folders. If you want to display these folders, go to Tools - Settings and check “Show Local folders”
Afterwards open the menu Tools - Accounts, click tab POP3 and uncheck the option “Leave a copy of messages on the server”.
Hope it helps.

Your guidance worked perfectly, thanks! Now, I have a three more questions. I will post them here unless you would like me to post them as separate threads…

1/ Trying to import my calender from an old Outlook backup file .PST resulted in a separate calender but without any of the entries in the original. Is this fixable, or maybe not worth the bother? We are almost at the end of the year so I don’t care much if I have to keep a handwritten calender till 2013.

2/ When I tried to access my Help files in eM, my Windows 7 gave me message telling me that it could not recognize the file and then gave me some suggestions for program associations to use to open it. According to what I read on the Web, IE could read these compressed HTLM file, so I established an association with IE. All I got when I executed this were redundant dialogue boxes asking me to choose open or save, and whichever one I chose, the system gave me more of the same dialogue box. How can I decompile these files, and if I need to establish a new program association, can you tell where to go in Windows 7 for this?

3/One of the two emails addresses I set up has ended up being called “local folder.” Is there some way rename this with the proper email address? Again not a big deal, but I crave symmetry :slight_smile:

Thanks George, I really appreciate you help!


    1. What version of eM Client are you using? Both these issues should be fixed in the latest version. Please contact me directly at wilson@emclient.com so I can send you a newer version.
  1. The only solution is to create the account again and move/copy all your data from the local folders to the newly created folders if needed.