Missing Outbox in version 7.1

Mail stuck in outbox. But no outbox visible under Inbox or anywhere. Can’t send any email until items in outbox removed. Help Please!

Right-click on Smart Folders. Choose Display > Outbox.

When I do that, there is no Outbox. No Outbox in the list at all. Help!

Hi Larry,

In eM Client version 6 it looks like this when you right-click on the ‘smart folders’ group:

In version 7 it looks like this:

There is also an Outbox in Local Folders. If they are not displayed, choose Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

Thank you! I was finally able to remote in to my client and fix it for her. I had to make smart folders visible and once I did, everything else came into view. Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!