Missing option to show both clumns "from" AND "to" at the same time

Hello and sorry for my bad english!

I am missing the option to show BOTH columns “from” AND “to” at the same time. In a Folder “Incoming” is shown “from” and in “sent” is shown “to” - of Course. But for exaple in my “Archive-Folder”, where i have ALL my massages, it stands only “from” and it is not possible to Show a second column “to” - but i want to use “from” and “to” at the same time!

In “TheBat” for example it’s not a Problem to Chose, that i want to show “from” and “to” in the same time…

I hope there is a solution!!

Many thanks before!!

In conversation view, in the default compact view, all the members of the conversation are listed, so that is both from and to.

But if you want separate columns as in your screenshot, then you need to increase the width of the message list by dragging the right border. As soon as the width exceeds 600 pixels, then the view will change to a one line view with separate columns.; from, subject, received etc. Then you can configure the columns to include any others you want. To do that, right-click on the From column and choose Column Configuration.