Missing option for stop cycling error sending mail...

Hi. I found a big problem. I have sent through emclient mail with big attachment (gmail), but it cannot pass because of content. Whatever… The problem is that emclient is still trying to send it and I cant stop this operation because there is missing button for stopping it. And the mail is not even in the drafts folder. So every minute it is trying to send it and pop-up a failure window… Any help? Thanks…

did you try to delete it from Outbox folder?

Hi. The problem is that it isnt located in any folder.

Hi. The problem is that it is not located in any folder and keep sending it even when I deleted file. Where is the temp folder for deleting files?

I meant sending or sent files.

what big was this attachment, please?

19 MB. I was sending it to calibrate cfos.

it should be at Global folders Outbox folder until it’s sent. If you delete it, it will be at Gmail trash folder. What error does it display?

I attached picture. And this message is goning on all day. And the sending message is nowhere even in the Global folder.

I’m afraid I wasn’t able to simulate the issue: I tried to send google blocked attachment 19mb big. It displayed the same error as at your eM Client. But behavior was the same as I described (outbox and google trash folder). You can send me the problematic file to [email protected] .

I solved it. I remembered that after first install I made a copy and backup of Users\appdata\roaming\emclient and Ive just rewrited it in acutal folder and it is working now. Thank you for support.

I have same problem: cannot stop sending of message, which include writed from me simple inoffensive software (in .rar archive).

I cannot stop this sending!!!

Can I stop sending?

I have already replied in this topic https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

I switched to a different excellent freeware software - Mozilla Thunderbird, and now I HAVE NOT any problems, such as discussed here. There is no problems like “cannot send message”. And attention - there is no pay, it is a freeware.

You are right… But in TB you dont have an instant messaging, I use it for SMS sending eg. with DeskSMS with Android… I abandonned EMclient year ago but they did a great work and I bought a new license and it is worth it. Occasionally some problems but great and quick support and effort for solving the problem.