missing messages -- lost in space

Some incoming messages show up as a popup alert on the desktop, but not in my in-box. If I “grab” the message from the desktop, I can open it. But many times, there’s still no trace in my in-box of the original incoming message.

If I forward the message to myself (same email address), I’ll get a new popup alert for the forwarded email. But it STILL doesn’t show up in the in-box. What could possibly be going on? (And, no, they’re not in spam folders.)

This is for a gmail account connected through IMAP. EM client version 6.0.24928.0. Running Windows 7 pro x64.

I really, really like this software. I’d even like to buy the paid version. But I’m going to abandon it entirely if I can’t figure out this problem.

All help appreciated

Hi Graham,

I have sent you a mail with further instructions. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for offering help. However, I think I have solved this problem:

First, I downloaded and installed your v. 7 beta software. This solved one huge problem – being unable to print emails (which I had not mentioned in my previous post).

Then, upon further review, I discovered many or most of my missing emails were being sent automatically to the Deleted Items folder (not the Junk folder). So were some other emails that the software could have interpreted as spam.

When I went to change the rule, the dialogue box told me that it couldn’t be amended because it hadn’t been created with the rule wizard. So I deactivated it, deleted it and used the wizard to create a new rule sending spam to the junk folder – which it appears to be doing.

Thanks for your offer of assistance.