Missing license manager info

We have the same issue as Christian1981 in this post: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/t…

We have purchased a few Pro licenses, but haven’t received any info about login into the Licensing System where we can manage our licenses centrally.

This is really needed and help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Best regards,

Hello Marcus,
the credentials are sent to the mail address used for purchasing the license, in your case it’s helpdesk.
I have generated new credentials so check that mail address.

Please seek help through PRO support next time.

Thank you Olivia,
Can you resend the credentials please, our mail spamfilter rejected the PRO support contact response with a 85% spam classification. We have now adjusted the spam filter and hope it get’s through. Thank you so much!
Best regards, Marcus, Biltema IT