Missing inline picture

Mail with inline pictures looks like this i emClinet when sent from gmail.


Inline Pictures are missing, just a broken picture icon.


Looks fine when read with Microsoft

Microsoft Email version.

You can set up eM Client to allow pictures to display inline either from everyone, or only specific senders via a whitelist, or people in a contact list etc. By default eM Client is set to “Block external content” as in the Mail / Privacy settings example screenshot below.

If you just want to automatically allow images and external content from everyone, you would place a tick in the box marked eg: Display unsafe content in all messages.

Otherwise you choose whatever other option above that you like to only allow content from specific senders via Whitelists or allow content from people in a Contact list etc.

eM Client Windows - “Menu / Settings / Mail / Privacy”
eM Client Mac - “eM Client / Preferences / Mail / Privacy”

See eM Client documentation below on “Allowing external images and other content.”


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Also missing pictures when I look at a mail in the sent folder.
Some pictures are missing, some are ok in the same mail.
All are pictures pasted into the mail.
Is it possible to debug?


In the mail it looks like this,


Same part in View mail source.


I think this setting do not effect my own sent mail in my sent folder.