Missing imported Outlook based emails - from old PC

I have just installed EMClient on my new Windows 10 PC and tried to import my Outlook database from my old PC.

This is the position.

Please help



Yahoo email address with Yahoo folders.

Outlook 10 on old PC with Outlook folders some with same name as those on Yahoo, most not.

OutlookDataFile size 4199153kb. Exported from Outlook as Outlook data backup.pst - size 2254089kb.


.pst copied to new PC.

Emclient installed on new PC.

From menu select File, Import, Outlook personal storage (.pst), select backup.pst, top of outlook data file shows all outlook folders, start import

The operations log shows start of activity at 11:00:48 finishing at 23:24:55.

All folders appear to be uploaded and synchronised.

However I can’t see them at all on the Emclient application.

Where are they?

They will be in your Local Folders. If Local Folders are not visible in the left side-bar with the other folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

Thanks. Local folders is selected already. The local folders show in the left hand pain. They are inbox, outbox, sent, trash, junk. Only junk has any content - 1 entry.

You can search for one of the imported messages, then when it is displayed in the search result, right-click on the message preview and choose Properties. That will show which folder it is stored in.

If there are no results for the search, do the import again, but make note of the destination selected in the import dialogue.

Thanks. I’ve done as you’ve said and the email shows as being in the correct folder (holiday) but there is no sign of the holiday folder.

Can you give a screenshot of the Properties window?



Edited properties print screen attached to preserve privacy.

So that is in a sub-folder of your Yahoo! account Inbox. Scroll up the left side-bar and find the Yahoo! Inbox. Look for the holiday folder.

There isn’t a folder called Holiday visible anywhere.

There’s no > arrow next to the Yahoo! Inbox?

I messed around adding and deleting holiday folders in various places. Suddenly all outlook folders appeared! Then your latest response arrived. All now OK. Thanks for your help.

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