Missing groups in contacts under CardDav like in Google-Account

Hi there,

first i had my contacts synced on a Google account. In the left panel all my groups were shown. Now i put my contacts to my Nas with own cloud using CardDav and my groups don ́t appear in the left panel.
Is there any way to get the groups shown in the left panel (distribution list?)?
It would be very helpfull to handle the contacts.

Thank you for your answer,

Hello Jürgen,
eM client synchronizes to the folder structure as it is on your server. Gmail creates these folders for you and eM client just views them as such.
Your CardDAV does not support the function in this way (and it depends on its setting if it lets you create the category folders manually at all).
Unfortunately there is no automated way to make your categories into folders.


Hello Olivia,
thank you for your answer.