Missing functionalities 'favorite folders' and 'select folder prior sending'


I’m testing the eM Client currently. Working with Cloud Services is much better then in MS Outlook. Just two functionalities I miss significantly.

  1. Favorite Folders. I use them a lot. “Search folders” is not really an alternative as it doesn’t show the unread emails and I cannot move an email from an inbox to a search folder.

  2. In MS Outlook i have the ability to select the folder the message should be moved once sent. This functionlity is available in the Options of the email before sending.

  3. Improvment. It should be possible to activated / deactivated the pop-up notification on the account level not global level. For some accounts you want to get informed, for others not.



Favorite folders is a MUST HAVE

Favorite folders are in the Version 8 Beta, and they work. Just started using it today.

Welcome to 2017