Missing 'Forward icon' in v9

I have a rule that will look for a match in the Header ‘From’ field, move it to a folder and forward the email.

Here is the actual rule:


When the rule is executed the email is successfully processed, however the email, in the folder does not display a ‘forwarded icon’.
The ‘forwarded icon’ always displayed in v8. In the screen shot below notice the ‘forwarded icon’ at the bottom of the picture which
corresponds to the last execution of v8 and all those above are the result of v9.


It appears that the missing icon is only caused by the rule and not a manual forward… I have not been able to test that assumption as yet.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

Am I the only one experiencing this ?

No. I am experiencing this as well.

Thank you for the verification.

@sunriseal, can you verify if this is still an issue with 9.1?

It appears to still be an issue…

Is this a local rule or server rule? We did some testing and were not able to reproduce it with local rules (it works on our side). With server rules there is no way for us how to distinguish it.

It is a local rule…