Missing Folders in "Move to Folder"

Recently I noticed that my rules were not moving messages out of my inbox and into the appropriate folders. So I tried to move one with the menu command “Move to Folder”. When I do, only the default folders are displayed as “move to” destinations. All the folders I created are gone. However , they are all present on the first mail page.

Did you click on the Choose Folder option at the bottom of that list to display the rest of the folders?

At the bottom of my “Select Folder” box, I have the option to select New Folder, OK, or Cancel. I just noticed that there are two possibilities, Local Folders or my email address, When I expand my email address, I see all my folders, but when I expand Local Folders, I only see the default folders?

Yes, that is correct.

For each account you setup in eM Client, you will have a set of folders, synced from your server. It will have usual folders like Inbox, Sent etc, as well as any folders you have created on the server.

Below that are the Local Folders. These are not synced with a server, so none of your data will be there unless you move it to those folders.

When you choose Move to Folder, you can select from your account synced folders, or from the Local unsynced folders.

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