missing features

I was evaluating several emal clients for the company I work for. Thunderbird, Postbox, Claws, Zimbra etc. We needed an email client with excellent IMAP support and good email editing capabilities as a replacement for outlook. So far we had been using Outlook in a POP3 solution. There were two main points that stopped me from continuing with eM client. The option “save replies in same folder” is essential for us. Sadly, this option is not available in the eM client. Another issue was “customized default folder views”. I couldn’t find a way to configure a default view for also newly created folders.

I will keep an eye on eM client. Hopefully, these features will be present in future version.

we are very sorry that our product does not meet all your needs, but I can assure you that both these features are planned to be implemented in the next major version.