Missing Features - Widgets available?

  • Email Compose Timer (it’s nice to see how long you’ve been working on writing an email).

  • Flagged Emails at the top of an Inbox  - Just like the feature in Gmail/Postbox, to put Starred (Flagged) emails at the top of your Inbox (I see you can have them on the side menu under Agenda)

  • Show Labels at the top of an email (Just like in Gmail), not in a sub-menu under Categories, more efficient to quickly apply/remove labels.

  • Rule Synchronization with Gmail rules - I have a ton of rules in Gmail that apply flags or forward an email to other accounts. It would be nice manage these rules in eM Client, instead of just local rules.

If these were eM Client features, my life would be complete. Hoping there are widgets out there to make these dreams a reality.

Hello Mitch,

Thank you for the feedback and the suggestions.

When it comes to the flagged e-mails, you can use the Smart Folder filter (Smart Folders can be turned on in Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> General - General - ‘Show Smart folders’). You can also sort the e-mails to show the flagged e-mails on the top: in the compact view, look at the top of the message list, click on Sorted by ____ and select Flags.

You can also see the categories next to the e-mails in the single line view (which can be turned on in Menu ->Tools -> Settings -> Mail -> Read - Message List - ‘Always use single-line layout’.
If you have the Category column displayed, it includes the name of the category. You can select this column in the Customizable toolbar, options are accessible through right-clicking the ‘Reply’ ‘Reply All’ toolbar at the top.