Missing features in version 7

Compared to version 7, the first thing I noticed missing is:

  1.  the menu bar is quite skinny.
  2.  no email SIZE column
  3.  no way of customizing the names of categories
  4.  no TO column

These things should be standard on any email client never mind a paid one

No “properties” to see the “source code” of an individual email.

Hello Taylor,
most of your issues are connected to the Conversation view feature, which can be disabled in Menu>View>Conversation section in Message list or in all views if you do not like it.
2. SIZE column - will be visible with Conversation disabled, as it makes no sense to calculate the size of the whole Conversationview in all views.
4. TO column - again, Conversation may be between numerous contacts, so it will appear without Conversation view in all views.

As for the other issues:

  1. Skinny Menu bar - do you mean the actual Menu bar or the top toolbar? By skinny, do you mean that it is hard to click on certain buttons?
  2. Categories can be customized in Menu>Tools>Categories sections. Exception is Google labels, which are now synchronized as Folders & Folder labels and not just as categories.


if you have Conversations view enabled and can’t see the Source code option in the Message view you can right-click directly inside the message detail to see it.


Thanks! Searched the Web Documentation but didn ́t find it.

Hi Olivia,

I have the same setup on my desktop as my laptop. I don’t see where you can change the conversation view with your instructions. Please post a pic where you can enable or disable conversation view.

I can’t change the name of the “yellow category” to another name. However, I was able to change one of the other colors momentarily when I was troubleshooting. Now, I can’t even do that any more. Please post a pic on how to change the name of these categories. 

As far as “skinny” is concerned. It’s missing the features as shown here in this pic from v6: http://i.imgur.com/AX8Ebgl.jpg

Unfortunately, v7 still lacks the same features/capabilities that v6 has. It’s two steps forward five steps back. The bug of long synchronization and high cpu load appears to be fixed though: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/_this_operation_may_take_a_while

One can’t expect to pay for an application when it is either complicated to use or missing basic important features.  Have a look at Windows Live Mail or even Outlook Express. OE imo was probably the best email client ever made for Windows.

Hello Taylor,
you can disable Conversations like so:

The names of categories can be edited in the same place as version 6 - Menu>Tools>Categories. Just choose your category and click Edit.

If you mean that the main toolbar doesn’t have as many buttons, then it’s because we added a feature that has been requested for long time as well - the option to Customize. Right click the Toolbar, choose Customize and add or remove any buttons you want.


A missing “feature” is the ability to view and download attachments from iMAP accounts like Yahoo. I tried with no avail of view the pics (as attachments) and I couldn’t despite selecting DOWNLOAD SELECTED from the menu. 

OK, much thanks :slight_smile:

while composing email there was a feature to add a line by clicking an icon , now that icon is missing in version 7 . can you please bring it back?