Missing features in the top bar

It would be nice to have a “Archive selected mail” in the top icon menu

It would also be nice if there was a “Send and Archive” button.

This will help when you like a close to Zero inbox.

True, would like this .  Also if they could add a right click option - ‘show all messages from the same sender’ would be awesome.

Send and Archive would be fine, but a dedicated archive button that works with any account (not just GMail) would be fine, too!

Hello Prasun,
when you open a message from certain sender/click on certain sender you can see your communication history with this contact in the right-side menu under Contact details.


Hello Brian,
thank you for sharing your idea on the forum where our developers can consider it for future improvement.


Being able to see all mail messages from the same sender is a fundamental future for most individuals who are using email as a main tool of communication on this day and age. You guys can implement something similar to what’ “Airmail” folks did. They put a simple button and when you click, it will bring all the email messages from the same sender. Exemplary…


Please see the included screen shot.