Missing emails

Hi, this morning, whilst browsing emails in the unread smart folder, whilst deleting a junk email, 20 more emails spontaneously disappeared.

They are missing from the inbox in the client, also on the google server. They are not in the trash folder.

However, the counter in the unread smart folder says they are still there (although I cant see them)!

How can that be?

It may be that the folder cache is corrupted. Right-click on the Inbox folder and choose Properties > Repair.

That should fix the unread count. You may find your missing emails in the All Mail folder.

Thnx for your advice, however my Inbox folder does not have a Properties>Repair option ie there is no Repair tab.

Can I repair the cache using another option?

Is your account setup as POP3?

You will see that in Menu > Tools > Accounts. There is either an IMAP or a POP3 tab.

Its setup as IMAP.

My immediate issue aside, is that the best option, or should I have it as POP3?

If it is a GMail account, and is setup as IMAP, then right-click on the Inbox should give Properties > Repair. That is not the Local Folder Inbox, it is the Inbox in the GMail folders.

IMAP or POP3 is a choice you can make depending on how you use email. If you access the same account from more than one device, say your computer and your phone, you want to use IMAP because all the folders and messages are synced with a server. So if you read a message on your phone, it will also be marked as read on your computer. IMAP also means that if you lose your computer, you don’t lose your messages.

POP3 stores the messages on the computer only, so is best when using only one device. If you lose your computer, you most likely will lose all your data.

But setting up an account in eM Client as IMAP also has other advantages. With GMail and a few other providers, you will also get calendar and contacts automatically setup with the account. With POP3 you will need to setup the calendar and contacts separately.

Thnx for your time and advice.

Its odd that when I look at the properties for the Gmail Inbox ie the Inbox located under the Gmail account, I have only General & Quota tabs showing.

But, if do the same for my second account, ie Hotmail, I have the additional Offline and Repair tabs.

Both Gmail and Hotmail are setup as EMAP accounts.

Does this suggest that I may not have setup the client correctly?

I am not a regular user of GMail with eM Client, so cannot say why that happened. As the account is IMAP, you can remove it from eM Client, then add it again without loss of data. Maybe that will correct everything.

To do that, go to Menu > Tools > Account and delete the GMail account by clicking the bin icon next the the account. Then click the + icon and add the account again using the automatic setup.

Hopefully after the sync everything will be there. I understand that often with GMail missing emails can be found in the All Mail folder.

You can only do a repair on the “All Mail” folder in Gmail, since the inbox and others are not real folders (note-- from the actual account, not the Smart Folders).  If you right-click the “All Mail” folder and then select properties, the Repair tab will be there.

Thanks Jay. I thought there might be some difference with GMail. :slight_smile:

Thnx, completed the repair on the ‘All Mail’ folder under the Gmail account.

The unread counter in smart folders still reporting incorrectly.

Is there anything else I can try/

Close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\ DbRepair.exe

Gary, thanks, carried out your suggestion, Unread folder counter still reading 22, when only 2 emails unread.

I reset the smart folders, now its showing the correct count.

Thanks Gary and Jay for your help and advice with this.