Missing emails

I was saving critical emails in a folder called “Save”. These emails went back to Jan,2016. Now the folder contains only emails that go back to Feb. causing me to be missing the most critical emails. Archiving is turned off. If emails are stored locally on my computer, how can they be missing?

Hello Richard,
was this folder in your Local folders tree or under your account?
Do you have any backups that you could restore from? (Make sure to mmake a copy of your current saved emails first - drag and drop them out of the application as EML files or use the File>Export function ).


This is insane. I got forced into the new version when there as an automatic update. I do not like it and was assured my old emails would be saved if I went back. Now I have discovered I no mails before 2/10/2017. I have backups but none that far back since you only allow the most few, apparently. Now I am missing emails critical to a legal case thanks to incorrect information given to me by your technician. It is a weekend and I suppose I will not hear from anyone until Monday. I am furious now. I cannot tell you how upsetting this is.and you have no solution except a lame explanation of what we poor schmucks SHOULD HAVE done. None of this is in your marketing. There are no instructions. Nothing at all show up in the tutorials. I was happy with emClient, but lately you all have made a mess of things. Your efforts to “improve” are going to lose you business, now and when all of us get through posting about this.

This advise may help you:

Lewis Wilkie

If using a windows based computer try using the system restore program. Go back before the attempted update.