Missing Emails

em client provides much of what’s needed by this kind of software but it has an infuriating problem with reliability.

A number of people on here have pointed out that it sometimes stops displaying new emails and looking through your solutions, it appears your support team are convinced this is always user error… but it isn’t.

I do not use POP anywhere.  I use IMAP on all devices. 

My em client regularly stop receiving emails that are available on my two Apple devices.  Eventually it will right itself and they will appear in em.  In the meantime though, I have to either use an alternative email client on my desktop or monitor email on my Apple devices.

I can sometime fix it by crashing em and forcing the repair mechanism on restart.  I can sometimes fix it by deleting the email account and adding it from scratch.

Right now, neither of these things are working. 

Despite the evidence suggesting that you always write this off as user error, is it an issue you are actually aware of and acting on? 

Will version 7 ever be available and will it fix this infuriating reliability issue.

I want to recommend em client to everyone and anyone as I find so much of what it does is great but I can’t because I am too busy pulling my hair out because of it’s inability to carry out its fundamental task reliably.

Hi Jason,
I can confirm that version 7 is really coming with lots of fundamental changes in its programming, though I can’t give you a definite date yet.

Rather than user error, I think lots of issues tend to be caused by the mail servers, but since you seem to be able to sync your emails with other devices, that doesn’t sound like your issue, indeed.
Can you please tell me which version of eM Client you’re using and which accounts this happens on? Which operation system are you running?

I’m sorry you get the feeling that everything is written off as user error (though those do happen quite a lot) and, at least for myself, I assure you we try our best to find solutions to your and other users’ problems. Thank you for your patience and your continued interest in eM Client, despite all this.

Best regards,

Hi Olivia,

Thanks for the reply. I’m using v6.0.23181.0 on Windows 10.  I use a desktop and a laptop and it happens with both but not necessarily in the exact same way (ie: some emails will temporarily be available on one PC but not the other and vice versa) but all emails are always available on both my Apple devices.

I keep a copy of Windows Mail hooked up to use when I’m encountering this problem and it has no problem ‘seeing’ the missing emails.

Eventually, the emails will be viewable on EM.  Often, the best approach is to close the program for several hours…  if I’m patient, it will often have fully recovered after this length of time.

I can usually tell when the issue is occurring because a circle of doom is visible next to the relevant account name in EM.  It implies an incomplete connection but nothing is guaranteed to remedy it.  If I right click and use the ‘repair’ facility, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.  Sometimes it makes it worse (emails previously visible will disappear after the ‘repair’).

The mailserver is hMailServer and I have access to it so if it’s a question of adjusting it to improve its performance with EM then I can.  However, as it is EM and EM alone that has this difficulty, I am convinced this is a client issue rather than a server issue.

Despite all of this, EM’s connectivity with iCloud and its many, many clever features make it my best option.  I just wish you could solve this and make it perfect.


Same here. I have unfortunately bought several life-time licenses and support is ended so I have to search the forum for a solution. I did not find one yet…

I am using the latest version of emClient om Windows 10 an Windows 11. Prima blek
Is only with IMAP. POP seems to work correctly, but is not suitable as I use the mailboxes on Different appliances that I want in-sync.