Missing emails using pop protocol

I don’t know why, but when I use the pop protocol on the Em Client, I find that I’m missing a large chunk of email, as when I check the webmail of the account I see all the email still.

e.g. Em Client only downloads 30, while the webmail of the account has around 120

how do I fix it so that the client downloads all the email that is present in my webmail.

I would like to note that, I do not wish to use the Imap protocol to fix this

All I can think of is that eM Client thinks it has already downloaded those messages, so it will not do that again. They are in the Inbox, right?

Who is your email provider Mohammed?

If you go to Menu > Tools > Operations, are there any errors listed in the Log tab?

My email provider is Zoho.eu sometimes called Zoho.com

and there are no errors according to the log tab

you might be right that it thinks it’s already downloaded them, is there a way to reset it, so that it redownloads all the emails.

Always make a backup using Menu > File > Backup before deleting accounts.

Copy all your Inbox, Sent and any other messages to Local Folders then delete the account from eM Client. Add it again and it should download all the messages from the server Inbox.

Note that if you have other folders on the server, they will not be downloaded. POP3 only gets messages from the server Inbox.