missing emails for most of 2017

One of my co-workers is using emClient, and starting this morning there are virtually no emails from 2017 in his inbox.  Nor is there anything from Jan 1 to the 18th of this year.  Yet when we look at his emails in gmail we can see all of them.  Gmail shows there to be 10,000ish emails, emClient says 840.  Last week he could see all his emails in emClient.  Any ideas what to check?  I updated emClient to the new version hoping that would help, it’s now 7.1.3something.  it was 7.1.1something, but that did not help.  He does not save emails into folders, everything is in the inbox.  Any ideas?  Thanks! 

Hi Mile.

Might be an idea to get your co-worker to open a support ticket through Pro Support https://support.emclient.com  as they will be able to assist him a lot quicker than on this forum.