Missing emails after udpate to em Client 7

My parents are using em client following my recommendeation. Suddenly they asked me where their all emails are gone?

Having a look at their issue I mentioned, that they have made an update from 6 to 7. Their accounts have been migrated, but somehow they havent any of their former local folders, where they used to store all their important mails.

This happend to 2 different em Clients on 2 different windows10 user accounts. Is there any possibillity to find the former mail data?

I can not imagine that the update routine should delete former content, right?

Thanks for any help in andvance

chose to do update as emclient program said it lost contact with server, will work in off line mode.  did back up first.  in new program, folders missing and emails gone.  did a restore from the recent back up file (minutes old), nothing.  everything missing.  URGENT, how do we fix this.

we got ours sorted…after you install version 7.
Just go to Menu>File>Import…>Import from eM Client 6.