Missing emails after an email address change

Hi forum guys,
I have sent a previous message about this but cannot see it anywhere in the forum/
Anyway, I hope you will be patient if I try again now.
The situation is that I mistakenly tried to upgrade my yahoo address account with eMClient but found in the process of doing this that I had lost all my previous emails.
The yahoo account was changed on 29/11/2022 from my old address of gerskin2000@yahoo.co.uk to a new onw as yahoo refused to recognise my old .co.uk part of the address.
It was changed to a new address at yahoo as gerskine72@yahoo.com.
I did not question this at the time as I assumed that all my emails from my previous yahoo address would be transferred automatically to the new address, but his did not happen. Now all my emails are missing and I am having great difficulty contacting yahoo customer care to report the problem.
Can you help?
I would be grateful for any suggestions or advice.

Thank you

George Erskine

As i advised in your previous thread below,

Lost all my eMClient (yahoo address) emails - eM Client

Quote - “First go online via your browser” and go to the Yahoo webmail login and “see if you can still login with your original Yahoo email address name and password”. If it doesn’t login ok, then click the Yahoo forgot password webmail link there. You should then be able to reset your password and then login & see all your old mail.

However “if you still cannot login to webmail” even after trying to reset your original email address password online" then you will definitely need to contact Yahoo technical support.

However “if you can still login ok” to your original Yahoo mail box online via webmail, then go into eM Client and click “Menu / Accounts” and remove and re-add your Yahoo email account via the automatic email wizard at the top.

So if you need to contact Yahoo to recover your original email “as you still cannot login” to Yahoo via webmail, or you need assistance with your Yahoo mail mailbox account as there is no email there in your original email address, see the below Yahoo customer links.

Note:- eM Client doesn’t host your actual mailbox, so cannot fix any issues related to that. We can only help with the setup of Yahoo accounts in eM Client.

(Help for Yahoo Mail)

Help for New Mail for Desktop (yahoo.com)

(Contact a Yahoo Specialist)

Yahoo! Help - Select Support Options

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