Missing Email Feature

Hi Jan,
Did you click on “send” Page by email?If so did emclient start up automataely,load the web page and allow you to type in the address to send it to?
Did you try and send yourself the web page?If so did you receive it in your email.If you have Not done this would you please give it a go.
I would like to know the answers.
I did not mean to imply that you were lying and if you did take it that way that was not my intent and I,m sorry just that it seems wierd that between me and my two friends we All show “Send Page by Email” as faded out which as you know means it is not available to use.

Now if the problem was just me and I see that you can bring it up I would say I have a conflict of sorts with my computer which will not allow me to do this,But with 3 people trying and none of us can get it to work is very very strange!
let me know about the above ??