Missing due date and start date/time for some reminders

I have a task that starts at 0000 and is due at the same time one day later. On the reminder window, it doesn’t say when it starts or is due:

Thank you for reporting this - I will report it to our developers next week and hopefully the fix will be available in the next update.

I use a Em client  6.0.22344.0 free version on 2 devices and If i Create a task and synkronize with google and read them on the other client, DUE and START date are right but not selected. 

Hello Claus, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to, what do you mean by “not selected”?


dates are synkronized but not selected.

Yes, this is an expected behaviour, note that Tasks on Gmail by default do not have  a setup start and due date, tasks are floating (as it may remain in your task folder until you complete it), Start and Due date can be setup in eM Client or other Task clients, however for example Gmail doesn’t fill these automatically and does not include the option in their online interface.


ok thanks that makes sense…perhaps that will be a future feature…at google.

Hello Claus, I’m afraid not, because the tasks are being most likely deprecated or limited with new versions of the google’s interface, but who knows maybe Google will change their mind.

Hope this helps,

very sad…