Missing deleted emails

I have been using the produce for months with no issues but just noticed that most of my deleted emails saved in TRASH are gone and only 45 remain. In addition new emails deleted are not going into TRASH. Automatic Archiving has never been turned on. Only the TRASH folder has been effected. Why are them gone and where might they be found?

Most email providers have a retention policy on trash. GMail for example, permanently removes messages after 30 days. Another possibility is that you have another device connected to the same account, and that is responsible for emptying the trash sooner than you expected.

If you can view the trash using the web interface for your account, then it may be that there is some corruption in the database. Close eM Client and go to C:\Program Files(x86)\eM Client, and run DbRepair.exe. You can also right-click on the Trash folder in eM Client, and choose Properties > Repair if that does not help.