missing attachment reminder

Is it possible to configure the keyword list of the “forgotten attachment reminder”? I write mails in different languages, the predefined keywords seem to work only with the language of the User Interface. Please help!

If it is not implied yet, will it be possible in a (hopefully) near future release? It actually is the only Feature (which unfortunately is important) that I  am currently missing. Great work!

this is a quite particular feature and it is not implemented at this time.
I’ll add this to a feature request list so our developers can consider this improvement for the future versions.


Thank you. It is already implied in Thunderbird and Essential PIM - which might help your developers to think about it :slight_smile:

Honestly - since everyone uses usually his own words for announcing an attachment, it should be at least possible to see the keyword list (I hate in in Outlook that even in English some words I usually use Trigger the warning and some don’t, and there is no way of finding out apart from try and error which should be used). To open the list should not be too difficult to imply - but I admit I am not a developer…

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