missied recipients

I’m trying em Client. I was set up my Yandex mail to em Client. I also get all my messages but I can’t see some recipients in some mails. All recipints showing in webmail and other client softwares.

How can I fix this problem?

can you please send me one of the problematic messages saved as eml? Thank you.

Hi George,

We work together with Muammer BENZES, who opened this topic. First, let me try to explain the problem in detail:

When somebody sends us an email with multiple recipients at to and cc fields, we receive the mail all right, but only single recipients in each field , that is the last entered recipient.

As an example, if you were to send an email to aaa@z.com with the following recipients:

We use Yandex with imap. When I check the same email on mail.yandex.com.tr, I see all the recipients.
And other recipients, such as bbb@gmail.com, sees all the recipients all right.
So the recipients are missing (not visible) only eM Client.

If you can send us an email, I can send you back the screenshot and forward back the email, so you can check. If that’s OK, you can send the email to moni@utsa.com.tr.
Pls include other recipients, so that we can check the problem.
You can use the following emails for other recipients:

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Best regards from Istanbul

Thank you for clarification - email sent.

Thank you George. Your email is well received on gmail.
I am now at home. In the morning, I will check the email in the office, where the em client is running. And I will inform you back. Thanks again.