Mis-match of indicated Unread Messages

I have noticed this mis-match of indicated Unread Messages, how do I correct it please?

I think this is a bug that the Smart Folder gives an unread count including Trash, but does not display those messages, whereas the unread count in the title bar is just for the messages displayed in that folder.

If you right-click on the Trash folder and choose Mark All Messages as Read, that should correct it until you end up with unread messages in Trash again.

Sorry, I don’t get the point of marking Trash messages as Unread. 
They get there by me deleting them, presuming I’ve read enough to make a judgment. Therefore, the 5-second rule should be overridden. The LAST behavior I want is for Trashed messages to show up as needing further attention.

Thanks Paul.

The ‘Unread’ count in Smart Folders includes Trash messages that haven’t moved into Read messages (5 second rule) before they’re moved to Trash.

Many of the Junk/Spam emails that get into my Inbox don’t move to ‘Read’ after 5 seconds, so I go into Trash for the particular email address, highlight the top mail, use Shift + Ctrl + End, then mark all as ‘Read’.

A bit of a pain but it clears the ‘Unread’ number showing under Smart Folders.

Hopefully the ‘Bug’ will be fixed!