Minor UI bugs in handling events

I have encountered two usability problems with EM.

Problem #1 - EMACS keybindings, which typically work in all AppKit Text objects (and which do work in the main compose text object), do not work in the Subject: field. This may be a failure to send events to the superclass, if this is indeed a proper subclass.

Problem #2 - After I click on the “archive” button in the main window, pressing the “delete” key no longer deletes messages. This may be a result of the button panel becoming firstResponder and not properly forwarding the keyboard events.

I am using eMClient 9.2.2041 (570625d)

The Subject field is not an AppKit text object, but you will be happy to know we will add some basic support for EMACS shortcuts in a future version of eM Client.

We are not able to reproduce point 2. It may have to do with some specific OS settings or utilities on your device.