minimize, max, and close

I’ve been having this problem since I started using eMClient, the 3 buttons on the top bar just stop working the hover effect gone

if I click nothing happens but when I click and move the mouse the action happens

I forgot to mention that I had this problem a few days ago, then I formatted the computer and reinstalled the windows 10 the problem seemed to have disappeared, but now it has returned

Between the time it was working properly on the new install, and when it stopped working, what software did you install? Any tweaking type apps maybe?

Thanks for replying, I had the rainmeter installed but I already uninstalled it, and when I reboot the system the problem disappears, but after about 10 minutes of use, the problem comes back

It might have done something to your system even if you uninstalled it because the settings that were changed might still be there.

If you have the time, your best bet would probably be to reinstall Windows and start again. Don’t install anything that alters Windows appearance or behaviour and see how eM Client is after a few restarts and a couple of hours of use.