Minimize left pane

Is there a way to keep the left pane minimized when eM client launches? Thanks in advance

You can minimize the app…

No I mean you can minimize the left pane with the favorites menu, inbox, etc. Version 8 lets you minimize so it’s a column of symbols now. But I always have to re-minimize the pane when I start a new instance of the program.

I tried that, “minimized”, closed eM Client, started eM Client and it stayed “minimized”.
If it matters, I do not use Favorites.

I see. Turned off favorites and still have the issue. Maybe it stays open because I am using the free version?

I am using the PRO version, but This issue/option does not sound like it would be an enticement for someone to buy the product. See if there is a difference between your General settings and mine… just for kicks.


Added the same settings but to no effect. Guess I will just have to live with it. Thanks for the help tho