MIME emails malformed?

I seem to have an issue after upgrading to version 9 - I have one particular notification email that is not displaying correctly.

It used to look like this…

… now it looks like this…

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

(Sorry I had to split my question into two parts as I was limited to one image per post).

Please right-click on the message and choose Properties > Repair > Repair.
This will delete the cached message and download it again raw from the server.

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Thanks @Gary, that worked for the existing emails I had that were problematic.

Should this fix the problem going forward?

These seemed like the only sender/email that I was having this problem with, but it was for all of the messages I got recently, over a week or two.

Could be too that original sender’s mail client or mail server it passed through stuffed the message on the way before it arrived in eM Client.

I would also ask them to send you more messages from their client mail program and current SMTP server to see if it happens again.

If it does apart from what @Gary advised to fix it after it arrived they might also need to contact their SMTP server support why when they send email html normally it allways arrives like that.

This issue is persisting.
The repair procedure works, but it is necessary with each of these emails.
I don’t have this issue with any other emails.
We use gmail for my businesses mail hosting.

Is there a permanent fix perhaps?

There is a fix in a recent internal build of eM Client.

For Windows installations, please download it from here: https://www.emclient.com/dist/v9.0.1606/setup.msi
Once you have the file, close eM Client and install the downloaded file.

Start eM Client and right-click on the folder where the messages displaying this issue are. Choose Properties > Repair > Repair. For Gmail and Google Workspace hosted accounts, right-click on the All Mail folder instead.

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Many thanks @Gary - I’ll give that a try.

I noticed this issue myself, and I upgraded to the provided v9.0.1606 build, and it does seem to fix the issue once you complete the repair as suggested for existing emails. It does also seem to work for new incoming emails. So I can confirm in my testing this issue has been resolved in this build.

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