Migration question

This is a pre-sales question – I’ve not yet purchased the pro version. I’m currently using Outlook and have a PST file that’s in excess of 11GB. First, I’m wondering if eM Client can handle that size of PST file. I’m also wondering if I’m going to have issues with my directory structure and rules. Are there any other gotchas I need to watch for?

It’s always a lot of work to migrate big apps – I want to know what I’m getting into before I make the choice. Outlook has been flaky lately and I do not want to move to O365.



Should not be a problem…

Without knowing what your directory structure is the question is impossible to answer. Since you will be creating rules based on your ‘requirements’ no way to know if they would work or not. As you create them we are here to help as you come across “issues”.

Your best bet might be to install and try the product!

Nothing exotic about the directory structure. I don’t do deeply nested folders – maybe max at 2 in a couple of folders. Otherwise, it’s pretty basic. Just a LOT of mail being tracked. I have mail that comes in from a couple of O365 email accounts from clients, plus incoming mail from gmail, but that appears as just regular mail. Perhaps 60-70 folders in the main account plus a couple dozen in the other accounts. Nothing particularly unusual. Tracking about a dozen separate email accounts.

Your best bet might be to install and try the product! They give you a 30 day trial, so test away…

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