Migrated from Windows Live Mail, encountering some issues, Please Help

Today I started using Em Client, I imported my 2 accounts straight from Windows Live Mail. So far I have 2 issues:

  1. In my first inbox I  see emails up to year 2009 , and some of today’s emails. Basically I am missing over 6 years of emails. (on the outlook.com site they are all there). The other account (also a Hotmail), it imported emails up to 2015 and some of today’s. I click Send and Receive, it goes through all the sync steps, and still no other emails are imported.

  2. I am using windows 10, I did setup Em Client as default email APP in my PC settings, but every time I am trying to open a document or a picture and email it, it is asking me to setup Outlook Profile for the email client. Same thing happens if I just right click on a picture for ex.> send to > mail recipient. With WLM it used to just open straight from there and ask me if I needed to resize the picture.

Please advise.  Thank you!


I will try to respond to your issues in order.
1.The incomplete sync is most probably caused by timeouts in AirSync. To fix it, in a browser, login to your account at outlook.com. If your mailbox has been moved to the new Exchange format, the top left corner will show Outlook Mail. If your account hasn’t been migrated yet, it will show Outlook.com.
If it shows Outlook Mail, you need to set up your account in EM client as an Exchange account. To do this, go to Mail>Exchange. Be aware that eM Client can take up to 5-10 minutes to obtain the server details this way.

If your account hasn’t been migrated yet, you need to connect through IMAP. Go to Mail>Other, enter “imap-mail.outlook.com” and port 993 in the incoming mail server settings and “smtp-mail.outlook.com” and port 587 in the outgoing server settings. Press ignore when the setup attempts to diagnose server status. After you’ve done that, go to IMAP tab in your account page and set your security policy to “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”, then navigate to the SMTP tab and set your security policy to “Force usage of SSL/TLS”.

  1. Unfortunately Windows 10 doesn’t handle the “Default App” setting properly for eM Client. To set it as your default mail handler, please go to Control Panel>Default Programs, select eM Client and make it default for all 3 options available.


Thank you, Dave! Ok. I added the account as imap (It was Outlook. Com on the website but How do I sync my contacts ? (all other folders are good)

I’m very sorry, I forgot to specify that. You can create your outlook.com account again through the automatic setup and leave ONLY the “Calendar” and “Contacts” checkboxes checked. Those can and will sync over AirSync. It’s just the mails that are largely problematic on AirSync.
Hope that helps.


I did that, but it is loading all emails… How Do I get to the screen where I can select ONLY the “Calendar” and “Contacts” checkboxes checked.

You should be able to see that screen during account creation. No worries though, you can do it post-creation as well, simply go to Tools>Accounts and uncheck the IMAP and SMTP checkboxes, leave only AirSync checked.


I don’t believe I have that option. It was automatically created as an Outlook.com account:

So, Peter (Mail) is the Imap version of the outlook one