Microssoft todo integration and repeating tasks

I use MS365 Todo integration in task lists, and basic functions works quite well. I’,m facing some more detailed problems, the importants is, how to work with repeating tasks.

after syncing todo tasks with em client even the repeating tasks are visible (and marked as repeating tasks). But the start and end dates seem to be the dates of creating the task the first time, not the start/end date of the recent task. Is that a bug or have I to change some config?

Additionally if I set the repeating task as "done, the behavior looks somehow cumbersome: a new task is created the old not being closed. Also when I close the task at MS365 side.

In that shape repeating tasks are not so useful for me, but important part of task management. Any hint appriciated!


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Hello Frank,
I had already described the problem that has existed for months to the support.
Best regards,
Here is the response from support (28th sept 2023):
Dear Mr. …,

I’ve sent it to the developers to increase the priority since it’s a known issue. Unfortunately, however, I cannot promise that it will be implemented soon. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,