Microsoft exchange account stopped working

I have been using Em client to connect to my work email, contacts & calendar.  It uses microsoft exchange.  Since this morning, I have been unable to send emails from the address.  (They sit in my outbox.)  I tried deleting and re-installing the account both using the automatic installation and outlook exchange installation options.  When I re-installed the account, Em client reports that is has installed correctly and the email account appears, however only the inbox shows and the inbox remained empty.  The calendar & contacts don’t appear at all.  I do receive a “successful test” email to the account, but can only see this email on another device.  I am able to access all aspects of the account from another device, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with their server.

There was a recent issue with Exchange servers, and it may be that your work server was just updated to that version. Downloading and installing the most recent eM Client update from the Release History should solve the problem.

If that doe not help, as a Pro License user, your best option is to open a support ticket directly with eM Client. They are closed on weekends, but will be able to help you further next week