microsoft changes

a few days ago microsoft announced changes in its mail-environment (without concrete specification) - but as i understand, windows live mail soon will be not able to sync calendar and contacts with      

will there be any similar effects to EM-Client ?

Hi Kurt

There are a few of us here who have dumped Windows Live Mail and moved to eM Client.  See this thread


ok thanks 
i hope your fix for version 6 or the new version 7 will come up before Microsoft closes its doors…
and depending on that i’ll will decide to buy em-client

i think Microsofts strategy could bring up a lot of new users for gmail  :slight_smile: because as i understand em-client  works with (syncing mail, contacts calendar) without problems… ?

I don’t represent EM Client.  I am just a new user of EM Client and ex WLM user. EM Client suits my needs well.  I particularly wanted the facility to import my WLM local folders, and export messages in .eml format.  I have four hotmail accounts and a GMail account.  I store contacts locally.  I am happy to use IMAP for the Hotmail accounts because I don’t particularly need the Calendars on the Desktop, although it would be nice if they did work with that protocol.

… addendum.  However there is an issue with attachments being 0 size when using IMAP which is of concern.