Microsoft broke IMAP Authentication today

I got some prompt saying that Microsoft was requiring that I add a second authentication method to log into my account. I resisted all attempts of them trying to force me to use their authenticator app and gave them a number to text me a code. They did, I entered it and it said my e-mail account was confirmed. Now EMClient won’t log-in to my account, saying that I entered the wrong password (I pay for my own domain name through even though I can go in through the web account, enter in only my password, and I get no request for secondary authentication.

What the hell?

miércoles 19 abril 2023 :: 1411hrs (UTC +0100)

First make certain you are using the latest version of eMC by following this link

You will not need to re-add your account or change your account setup in any way,
installing the update will apply the change automatically.
Just make sure AirSync service is enabled in the Menu > Accounts section.

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I am using the most current version of eMClient and I see no AirSync service option in Menu > Accounts.

Right or wrong password, that won’t work.

Microsoft no longer allow username/password logins from email applications. They now require you to login using oAuth (passwordless).

You will need to go to Menu > Accounts and remove the account from eM Client. Then click on Add Account and enter the email address in the automatic setup. You will be passed to your browser to authenticate your credentials, then back to eM Client where the account will be setup correctly.

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This worked. Thank you for your good advice.

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