MFA login for Microsoft Office 365 accounts

I am using eM Client with Windows 10 three years. Current version 8.1.1060. Now the organization where I work has introduced Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Office 365 applications in email service. The problem with eM Client login I tried to solve according to instructions “OAuth login for Microsoft Office 365 / EWS accounts”:

Unfortunately the problem was not solved. I cannot enter the Authenticator code and I get a response: “Server says: Logon failure: unknown user or bad password.”

The above instruction states:
“Run eM Client and use the automatic setup to set up your accounts with oAuth.”
“WARNING: If you use this work-around please make sure to disable the ‘Offline Address Book’ service during the last step of the setup.It is not compatible with the oAuth setup and could cause additional problems with the setup.”

I added the needed registry key. However, I have not found how can I check “automatic setup to set up my account with oAuth” and “how can I disable the ‘Offline Address Book’ service”

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.