Messages not marked read

I have this problem often. I am in a view (say unread messages) and click a message, look at it, move to the next message and it is not marked read. I have mark messages read after 1 second. It works most of the time, but is very aggravating when it doesn’t.

When it happens. I can click between messages 100 times (waiting several seconds) and they never get marked read until I open the message or manually mark it.

Does it happen to messages in all your folders or only in certain folder?

I believe it only happens in the UNREAD folder, but am not positive. It happens multiple times per week. If I go to th inbox and tehn back to UNREAD it usually clears up.

I have seen this also. Usually in Inbox but also in other folders. Clicking on another message and then coming back to it usually clears it up for me as well. Or I can do a right-click and Mark as Read. I originally thought it only occurred with relatively complex messages with a lot of html and graphics, but I have seen it with simple messages as well.

I just had it happen in the Inbox. It doesn’t matter if I click off the message and onto another and then back 100 times. It doesn’t mark any as read. If I click on another folder and go back, it does start working.

The setting “Mark as read after XX s” does not work in the Unread folder on purpose - imagine that you let the Unread folder opened by mistake and all your emails would get marked as read and disappeared from the Unread folder.

It happens in the inbox too. I don’t follow what you are saying. They should be marked read only if it is previewed for x seconds, not displayed in the list. That is how it works…nothing gets marked read unless you click on it.

Could you please create a video of this behaviour and send it directly to me at Thank you very much.
As to the Unread folder - when you open the folder, first message in the list is automatically selected.

I just posted a similar question regarding mark as read. Even with mark as read set to 0 seconds there is serious lag with the feature.

One thing I have noticed is emails w images (especially when set to auto display images), the mark as read timer only starts AFTER all remote images are DL’d and rendered. I highly recommend fixing this so that the timer starts on mouse click of the email and not rendering complete of the email. I LOVE eM client, but have to admit this one issue makes the whole client feel laggy and clunky in comparison to outlook which I always have set to insta-mark as read as soon as an email is selected.

I highly disagree with this logic… Just don’t move the ‘read’ email from unread smart folder until after it is no longer the selected email and problem solved.

Again, I LOVE eM client… so passing the love along with my 2 cents on fixing something that is a big issue to me vs outlook.

I agree. This would be a simple fix and very effective. Another option would be to leave everything in the Unread folder until selecting some other folder.

Mike, yep that way would work well for me too

Please do not make posts in multiple topics about one issue, it makes forum less clear for other users and so for us as we are having hard time to see if we have already replied to you or not.

Your original topic is here (for other users): I will put all my answers there.

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Perhaps if you read my other post you would see that

  1. you didn’t read or answer the question in the other thread – no what I asked about is not in current implementation.

  2. The two topics are not the exact same issue, though are related. The OP here, I suspect why msgs are not being marked as read ‘sometimes’ when other times they are is what I pointed out – your ‘mark as read’ timer only starts AFTER the msg is fully rendered. Emails containing open timer images (very common on marketing emails) will break your implementation of ‘mark as read’ every time.

I have answered you again in your topic, original problem of both topics is basically same.
what does matter is that instant mark as read works :slight_smile:

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again, please read all the information. It does not work and I took the time to detail for you why it does not work in hopes that you care enough to fix it.

The screenshot of the email was taken at least 5 seconds after selecting it. It is obviously not marked as read.